We help people and organisations build and retain a good reputation
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Going through a reputation crisis? Call +370 682 53590 Want to find out how you can improve the reputation of your organisation? Write to us at info@omconsulting.lt

MB Orijanos Mašalės konsultacijos, company code 303257939, VAT code LT100008445517, Swedbank A/S Nr. LT227300010138524390
Registration address: Kalvų sodų 1-oji str. 9, LT-10244 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 682 53590, e-mail: info@omconsulting.lt

Vilnius office address: Gedimino ave. 21 (IV floor), LT-01103, Vilnius, Lithuania

Kaunas branch office address: Studentų str. 65 (301 room, 2nd floor), LT-51369, Kaunas, Lithuania